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RMA Policy


When returning product to Jeetronics for any reason, you must first to contact Jeetronics and obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from the RMA department.


This can be initiated by emailing sales@Jeetronics.com or by contacting your sales representative for the RMA request form .


The following information is required in order to complete the RMA request:


  •   Contact name
  •   Company name
  •   Address
  •   Phone number
  •   Product part number
  •   Product serial number


A brief description of the problem that is occurring with the product(s) to be returned.


All requests are processed within 48 hours.


Standard Replacement


For customers that agree to return defective product to Jeetronics first, a Standard Replacement option is available.An RMA number must first be issued by an RMA representative. This RMA number will need to be referenced on the outside of the return shipment.


Upon receipt of the defective product, Jeetronics will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the product and ship it out in the most expeditious manner possible. Subject to availability, the replacement product will be shipped on the business day following receipt of the defective product.


In the event the product returned to Jeetronics has been Discontinued (i.e the product is no longer being manufactured by Jeetronics but is still under warranty), Jeetronics will, at its discretion, either repair or replace with recertified product.


Once you have obtained an RMA number


After obtaining an RMA number from Jeetronics, you must send the product - freight prepaid - Items must be returned to address provided on RMA. All shipping labels must be clearly marked with RMA number, Please use a shipping company that can demonstrate proof of delivery. Jeetronics does not accept responsibility for any lost shipments unless proof of delivery to Jeetronics is provided.


Please note:


Product shipped to Jeetronics must be properly packaged to prevent loss or damage in transit.


Jeetronics will not accept any product that has been damaged as a result of accident, abuse, misuse, natural or personal disaster, or any unauthorized disassemble, repair or modification.


If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or email to sales@Jeetronics.com